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Dedicated to the Prevention of Unauthorized Document Duplication

Micro Format, Inc.
Micro Format, Inc.
Est.1983 ~ On Line Since 1995

Security Paper Products
are manufactured 100% in the USA.

Since 1983, with corporate offices located in Chicago Illinois and with affiliated manufacturing facilities located in cities across the United States,
Micro Format provides Document Security Paper Products worldwide.

Micro Format Inc. is a Product Development Company specializing in "high technology" State of the Art Tamper Resistant, Anti Copy Fraud Resistant Security Paper Products.

Micro Format means


Self Expiring Name Badges
Keep Your Facility Safe and Secure
with Secure SINGLE USE Name Badges from Micro Format

To activate Secure Name Badge
To Activate,
fold tab back onto adhesive badge.
Self Expiring Visitor Badge

Single Use Self Expiring Visitor Name Badge

THREE different stock products from which to choose.

Is Keeping Your Facility Secure Important ???? .....
.... You bet it is ! !
No matter the field ... Don't Gamble with building and office security.

  • Aerospace Industry
  • Hospitality Field
  • Hotels
  • Government Agencies
    • Government agencies require state of the art security technology.
    • SecureGuard™Self Expiring state of the art Visitor Badges track all visitors to prevent unauthorized Government access.
    • SecureGuard™Self Expiring Name Badges are a vital security tool.
  • Conventions
  • Trade Shows
  • Financial Centers
  • Hospitals
    • Hospitals nationwide are using SecureGuard™Self Expiring Visitor Badges in the ER,
      on Pediatric and Maternity floors, and even in the main entrance.
    • SecureGuard™Self Expiring Visitor Badges prevent visitors from re-using their passes and helps decrease theft.
  • Law Firms
  • Nursing Homes
  • Specialty Hospitals
  • Insurance Companies
  • Manufacturing Facilities
  • Pharmaceutical Companies
  • Processing Centers
  • Schools
    • Help to protect children without breaking the school budget
    • SecureGuard™Self Expiring Visitor Badges make it easier for school secretaries to do their jobs!
    • SecureGuard™Self Expiring Visitor Badges are designed to streamline the visitor sign-in process.
  • Museums
  • State and County Fairs
  • Financial Institutions
  • Food Manufacturing Facilities
  • Prisons/Correctional Facilities
  • Every Building - Every Event

Click for Visitor Badge System Information Self Expiring Secure Visitor Name Badge Record System

The Self Imaging Record Sheet fits into a standard 3 ring binder.

Visitor Badge with journal

Click for Laser Name Badge InformationSelf Expiring Secure Name Badges

Landscape Clipboard
can be used in Laser Printers

Click for Name Badges on RollsSelf Expiring Name Badges on Rolls
for use in Dymo and other thermal printers

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